Bài giảng Tiếng Anh 8

English 8 Unit 2 : Making Arrangements – Lesson 1 Listen and read

1. Introduction:

This is the lecture of English 8 - Unit 2 Making arrangements Period 7  Lesson 1 : Getting started & Listen and read   

I. Objectives:    
  Teaching points : By the end of the lesson , Ss will be able to use the telephone to make and confirm arrangements .- Develop Ss’speaking and listening skills .
II. Language contents:
1.Vocabulary:- Some words of the media ,  Elicits and present some words :
- (to) hold on : đợi  máy nhé, giữ máy chờ nhé.
- (to) bit far / alittle bit far : hơi hơi xa, khá xa.
-(an) arrangement : sự xắp xếp.

2. Grammar:- using Going to, Adv of place Model sentences ( T. hang some structures grammar on the board )
+ Be going to – infinitive ….( chỉ dự định trong tương lai)
     Eg:  -  Are you going to see the movies ?
              - Yes / No….
           - Marry is going to buy a new dress .
+ Adverb of places …( trang ngu chi noi chon  - Here / inside / outside / there / upstairs  / dowstairs  …..


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>>> Free Download this Lecture from :   English 8  Unit 2  Making Arrangements  Lesson 1 Listen and read 

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