Bài giảng Tiếng Anh 8


English 8   Unit 2   Making Arrangements  Lesson 4 - Read

1. Introduction:

This is the lecture of English 8 - Unit 2 Making arrangements Lesson 4 Period 9 : Read
I. Ojectives : Teaching points:  By the end of the lesson , Ss will be able to know more about Alexander Graham Bell .
II. Language contents
1. Vocabulary: - Some active word of the test - to emigrate = to go another country to live ( xuat canh, di cu) (emigrant:: nguoi xuat canh,song dinh cu o nc ngoai)

1. emigrate (v): /ˈem.ɪ.ɡreɪt/                 - xuất cảnh, di cư
2. deaf-mute (n): /ˌdefˈmjuːt/                  - tật vừa câm, vừa điếc
3. Experiment (n):/ɪkˈsper.ɪ.mənt/         - cuộc thử nghiệm
4. transmit (v):/trænzˈmɪt/                    - truyền, phát (tín hiệu)
5. assistant (n):/əˈsɪs.tənt/                    - người phụ tá
6. conduct (v):/kənˈdʌkt/                   -  tiến hành
7. device (n):/dɪˈvaɪs/                   - dụng cụ
8. demonstrate (v):/ˈdem.ən.streɪt/       - biểu diễn
9. countless (a):/ˈkaʊnt.ləs/         - vô số
10. exhibition (n): /ˌek.sɪˈbɪʃ.ən/         - cuộc triển lãm
2. Grammar . - Passive voice.  - Neither…… nor.  - The past simple.
+ What is the mobile phone used for ?
•Possible answers :
- to have a message
- to call someone
- to make arrangements
- to talk to a person who lives far from
- to get information at the airport or railway station quickly

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>>> Free Download this Lecture from English 8   Unit 2   Making Arrangements  Lesson 4 - Read

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