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Bài giảng Tiếng Anh 8

English 8 Unit 2  Making Arrangements  Lesson 5  Write

1. Introduction:

This is the lecture of English 8 - Unit 2 Making arrangements lesson 5: write - How to  write a telephone message .
I. Objectives:
* Teaching points :  By the end of the lesson , Ss will be able to write a telephone message .
- Develop Ss’ wrinting skill.
II. Language content:
1. vocabulary: Talk to Ss about taking a telephone message
- Have you ever taken a message ,
- When you take a message , what should be mentioned in the message ?   ( Date , time who sent , to whom , content )
- (a) customer = a person who comes to buy something at a shop .
- (a) delivery : su giao hang  (Trans…)
- stationery ( papers  ,pens , pencils , rulers .. ): văn phòng phẩm.
- (to) pick somebody up : đón ai bằng phương tiện gi …
- (to) taken by :được nhắn bởi.
- (to) reach : đến , tới gặp.

Corrects  and give feedback .

    A customer phoned/telephoned the Thang Loi  Delivery Service on May 12 just before midday . She wanted to speak to Mr Ha but he was out . So Mr Tam took a message for Mr Ha . The customer,s name was Mrs . Lien and she wanted to know about her furniture delivery . She wanted Mr Ha to call her . She said Mr Ha could reach her number  8645141 after lunch .

2. Struture:  Past Simple Tense

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>>> Free Download this Lecture from English 8 Unit 2  Making Arrangements  Lesson 5  Write

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