Bài giảng Tiếng Anh 8


English 8  Unit 3  At home  Lesson 2 - Speak

1. Introduction:

This is the lecture of Tiếng Anh 8 Unit 3 : At home Bài 2 Luyện Nói - Where is  the Most Important Kitchen Tools? -
I. Teaching points :  using  the prepositions of places to talk about the positions in the house .
II. Language contents:
1.Vocabulary: Things in the kichen and living room.
2.Grammar: Review:-  Where is…….? It’s…………
                              -  Where are……? They are………….
                            -    Let’s……………..

III. Lesson
1 Pre - Speaking :
Where is the clock ?       It is above the fridge .
Where is the fruit ?         It is in the bowl .
Where is the flowers ?    They are on the table .
Where is the rice cooker ? It is next to the bwl of fruit .
Where is the cupboard ?    It is on the wall , above the counter .
Where are the knives ?     They are on the wall , under the cupboard .
Where is the dish rack ?    It is on the counter , next to the bowl of fruit .

2. While - speaking :  talking about the position of each item
Ex : The calendar is on the wall  , above the stove .
+ The sink is next to the stove .
+ The cupboard is on the wall , above the counter .
+ The knives are on the wall , under the cupboard .
+ The bowl of fruit is between the rice cooker and the dish rack .
+ The clock is on the wall , above the fridge .
+ The flowers are on the table .
3. Post - speaking :
- Mrs Vui bought new furniture for her living room , but she can not decide where to put it . You should help her to arrange the furniture”
-If they agree , they may use :
+ Ok
+ You are right
-If they disagree , they may use :
+ No , I think we ,d better / ought to put ...
+ I think it should  be ...

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>>> Free Download this Lecture from : Tiếng Anh 8 Unit 3 : At home Lesson 2 Speak 

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English 8 Unit 3 : At homeLesson 1 Getting stared Listen and read

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