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English 9 – Unit 2 : Clothing – Lesson 3 : Listen : Lost a little girl

English 9 – Unit 2 : Clothing – Lesson 3 : Listen : Lost a little  girl

1. Introduction:

In this lesson , Students will be able to practice speaking about personal habit about clothes
The students will have using some Vocabulary about clothes

Day la Bai giang dien tu danh cho thay co day Tieng Anh lop 9 - Thay co co the xem no truc tuyen .Hay thay co cung co the tai nove lam tai lieu cho rieng minh. Chuc thay co thanh cong

Bai giang dien tu,Tieng anh 9, Unit 2, Lesson 2, tiet 8 - By the end of the lesson students will be able to know traditional clothes of other countries, especially “ Ao dai ” in Viet Nam .

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You are going to hear a public announcement about a lost little girl called Mary.
Announcer (on Public Announcement)
Attention, please. Here is a special announcement. A little girl is reported missing. She was last seen 20 minutes ago near the main entrance to the Car Fair. Her name’s Mary and she is 3 years old. She has short dark hair. She’s wearing shorts - blue shorts and a long - sleeved white blouse. She’s wearing a pair of shoes - brown shoes. She may be carrying a large doll.
If you see Mary, please bring her to the Information Desk. Her father’s waiting for her there. Thank you

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