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English 9 – Unit 2 : Clothing – Lesson 4 : Read: Jean fashion for Young

English 9 – Unit 2 : Clothing – Lesson 4 : Read: Jean fashion for Young

1. Introduction:

In this lesson , Students will learn some vocabularies  about clothes. we will learn more about the
  brief  history of jeans and its conveniences. The end of the lesson, students will be able to understand about history of the development of the jeans in English.

Day la Bai giang dien tu danh cho thay co day Tieng Anh lop 9 - Thay co co the xem no truc tuyen .Hay thay co cung co the tai no ve lam tai lieu cho rieng minh. Chuc thay co thanh cong

Bai giang dien tu,Tieng anh 9, Unit 2, Lesson 2, tiet 8 -

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 The word jeans comes from a kind of material that was made in Europe. The material, called jean, was named after sailors from Genoa in Italy, because they wore clothes made from it. In the 18th century jean cloth was made completely from cotton and workers at that time loved wearing it because the material was very strong and it did not wear out easily. In the 1960s, many university and college students wore jeans. Designers made different styles of jeans to match the 1960s' fashions: embroidered jeans, painted jeans and so on. In the 1970s more and more people started wearing jeans because they became cheaper. In the 1980s jeans finally became high fashion clothing, when famous designers started making their own styles of jeans, with their own labels on them. Sales of jeans went up and up. But in the 1990s the worldwide economic situation got worse, and the sale of jeans stopped growing. However, jeans have never been out of fashion, and today young generation is still fond of wearing them.

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