English 9 – Unit 2 : Colothing – Lesson 1 : Ao dai traditional dress of Vietnamese woman

1. Introduction:

For centuries, poets, writers and musicians have mentioned the ao dai in poems, novels and songs. The ao dai is the traditional dress of Vietnamese women. It consists of a long silk tunic that is slit on the sides and worn over loose pants. Traditionally, it was frequently worn by both men and women. The design and material used for men were different from those used for women. Nowadays, women usually wear it, especially on special occasions. However, many Vietnamese women today often prefer to wear modern clothing at work, because it is more convenient.

Now fashion designers want to change the traditional ao dai. Some have printed lines of poetry on ao dai, so they look modern and very fashionable. Other designers have taken inspiration from Vietnam’s ethnic minorities. They have visited villages and studied traditional designs and symbols such as sun, star, cross, and stripes. They have added these patterns to the ao dai, so Vietnamese women can continue to wear the unique dress, which is now both traditional and fashionable.

Day la Bai giang dien tu danh cho thay co day Tieng Anh lop 9 - Thay co co the xem no truc tuyen .Hay thay co cung co the tai nove lam tai lieu cho rieng minh. Chuc thay co thanh cong

Bai giang dien tu,Tieng anh 9, Unit 2, Lesson 1, tiet 8 - By the end of the lesson students will be able to know traditional clothes of other countries, especially “ Ao dai ” in Viet Nam .

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 Gaps fill.

The Ao dai is the …….. dress of Vietnamese women. It consist of a ……… silk tunic that is …….on the sides and  worn over  loose pants. Nowadays,……… usually wear it. However ,many Vietnamese women today often prefer to wear modern clothing at work. Now fashin designers want to ……. The traditional Ao dai. They have added these pattern to the Ao dai  so Vietnamese women can cotinue to wear the …….. dress, which is now both traditional and fashionable.

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