English 9 – Unit 8: Celebrations – Lesson 5: Language Focus

1. Introduction:

- This lesson will help you to practice  the  relative  clauses  and  adverb  clauses  of  concession  with  a
series of exercises.
- By the end of the lesson, Students will be able to:  recognize and distinguish relative clauses and know how to use them in various situations.

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- Mom   in   the   woman   who   is   sitting   in   an armchair receiving a gift from the little girl.  
- Dad  is  the  man  who  is  standing  behind  my sister.
- Linda  is  the  little  girl  who  is  wearing  a  pink dress/giving a gift to Mom.  
- Grandmother  is  the  woman  who  is  wearing  a violet blouse/giving a gift to the baby.
- Uncle  John  is  the  man  who  is  wearing  a  pink jumper.
- Jack  is  the  little  boy  who  is  sitting  on  his mother's lap.

-  Although we don't have a Mother's Day in  Viet  Nam,  Dad  and  I  have  special gifts and parties for my Mom every year on the 8 th  of March.
-  We  went  to  Hanoi  to  watch  the  parade on  the  National  Day  last  year  even though we live in Nam Dinh.
- Many tourists enjoy festivals in Vietnam though       they       don't       understand Vietnamese culture very much.
-  Even   though   in   Australia   Christmas season  is  in  summer,  Australians  enjoy Christmas    as    much    as    people    in European countries do.
-  Although Jim came to the show late due to the traffic jam, he could see the main part of the show.

-  Although   Mrs.   Thoa   was   tired,   she  helped Tuan with his homework.
-  Even  though  Liz  has  an  examination tomorrow, she is still watching TV now.  
-  It rained yesterday although the weather bureau  predicted  the  weather  would  be fine.  
-   Ba  ate  a  lot  of  food  though  he  wasn't hungry.
-  Even    though    the    keyboard    wasn't working well, Mary tried to finish letter.

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