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English 9 – Unit 9: Natural Disasters – Lesson 1: Getting started, Listen and Read

English 9 – Unit 9: Natural Disasters – Lesson 1: Getting started, Listen and Read

1. Introduction:

1.  Thuy's grandmother wants her to turn up the  volume  on  TV  because  she  wants  to
listen to the weather forecast.
2.  It  will  be  raining  along  the  coast  of Thanh Hoa.
3.  The  central  highlands  will  experience thunderstorms.

4.  Ho Chi Minh City will have tempretures between 27 o C and 35 o C.
5.  Although   Thuy's   grandmother   doesn't trust    weather    forecasts,    she    likes watching them.

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3. Getting started - Vocabulary Pre– learn

- Snowstorm  (n):  heavy  fall  of  snow  especially with wind
- Earthquake   (n):   convulsion   of   the   earth's surface.
- Volcano  (n):  mountain  or  hill  with  openings through which ashes and gases are ejected.
-Typhoon  (n):  violent  storm  especially  in  East Asian seas.

4. Listen and read


And  now  here's  the  weather  forecast  for  the  next  twenty–four  hours.  I'll divide  the  country  into  three,  starting  with  the  North  West  and  the  North East of the country. Well, There' ll be some early morning mists, and after that it'll be mainly dry and sunny, but quite cold, with temperatures around
six or seven. It should stay dry all day.

And  now  the  South  West.  You  can  expect  some  rain  in  the  morning  and afternoon. There might be some storms, as well, with thunder and lightning.

There'll  be  quite  strong  winds  and  the  temperature  will  be  lower  than yesterday, around three or four degree.

The South East and the Midlands will see the best of today's weather. It'll be warmer  than  yesterday,  no  winds  and  sunshine  nearly  all  day,  with temperatures around ten or eleven, so quite warm for the time of year.
1.  What'll the weather be like in the North West and the North East of the country?
2.  Will it be dry and sunny?
3.  Will it rain in South West?
4.  What is the temperature in the region?  
5.  What'll the weather be like in the South East and the Midlands?
6.  Will the temperatures be lower then ten degree?


1.  It will be mainly dry and sunny but quite cold.
2.  Yes, it will be.
3.  Yes, it will be.
4.  The temperatures will be around three or four degree.
5.  It will be warmer than yesterday, no winds and sunshine nearly all day.
6.  No, it won't.

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