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English 9 – Unit 1 : A visit from a pen pal – Lesson 1 : Getting started, Listen and Read


English 9 – Unit 1 : A visit from a pen pal – Lesson 1 : Getting started, Listen and Read

1. Introduction:

This is the lecture in the series of Power Point  lesson Plans for teacher who is teaching 9 th  English in the Middle School . You can learn this lesson online with English 9  textbook. You can download  it free to own it as material for your teaching.

Day la  Bai giang dien tu danh cho thay co day Tieng Anh lop 9 - Thay co co the xem no truc tuyen .Hay thay co cung co the tai nove lam tai lieu cho rieng minh. Chuc thay co thanh cong

Bai giang dien tu,Tieng anh 9, Unit 1,Lesson1, tiet 2
     After the lesson  Students can tell other about things they did through historical places and understand the use of wish in part simple.- structure  :  wish + S + V(past simple )

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Lan`s Malaysian pen pal, Razali Maryam, was staying with Lan last week. Maryam is from Kuala Lumpur. Maryam and Lan have been pen pals for over two years and they correspond at least once every two weeks, but this was their first meeting.

On Maryam`s first day in Ha Noi, Lan took her to Hoan Kiem Lake. Like Kuala Lumpur, Ha Noi is a busy modern city. Maryam was really impressed by the beauty of the city and by the friendliness of its people.

Over the next few days, the girls visited Ho Chi Minh`s Mausoleum, the History Musem and the Temple of Literature, as well as many beautiful parks and lakes in Ha Noi. On Friday, Maryam wanted to visit the mosque on Hang Luoc Street. Lan used to walk past the mosque on her way to primary school. However, this was Lan`s first visit. She enjoyed the peaceful atmosphere while Maryam was praying.

"I wish you had a longer vacation," Lan said to Maryam at the end of the week.
"Yes, I wish I had more time to get to know your beautiful country better. Lan, would you like to come and visit me next summer?" Maryam asked.
"That would be great! However, it seems very difficult for me to have a trip abroad. It all depends on my parents. Anyway, we`ll keep in touch."
1. Lan and Maryam usually write to one another every …
a. two years
c. two weeks
b. month
d. day
2. Maryam was impressed because …

A. Ha Noi was big and modern.
C. Ha Noi was different from Kuala Lumpur.
B. Ha Noi people was friendly
D. Ha Noi and Kuala Lumpur were the same
3. The girls went to see …
A. Famous places in Ha Noi
C. A place of worship.
B. Areas for recreation.
D. All the above.
4. Maryam wanted to ..
A. visit Ha Noi the next summer.
C. stay in Ha Noi.
B. invite Lan to Kuala Lumpur.
D. visit Ho Chi Minh City.

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