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501 Vocabulary Question

Free Ebook - 501 Vocabulary Question

1. Introduction:
Review, review, review. After you learn a set of words, remember to review those words regularly. If you simply keep moving forward with new words without stopping to review everything you have already learned, much of your effort will be in vain. Repetition is the key to mastery, especially with vocabulary. The more you review the words and their meanings and the more you use them, the more quickly and permanently they will become part of your vocabulary. You can use this book to review as often as you like. Review the word list periodically, and give yourself the opportunity to answer each question more than once. Instead of writing in this book, write all of your answers on a separate piece of paper. If you prefer to write in the book, mark your answers lightly in pencil so that you can erase your answers and use the 501 questions for review a few months or years down the road. Congratulations on taking these very important steps toward building a better vocabulary. Enjoy! 501 Vocabulary Questions

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