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Acing the SAT 2012

Acing the SAT 2012

1. Introduction:

Free ebook - Acing the SAT 2012 - In addition, there is one more section—either critical reading, multiple-choice writing, or math—that is used as an experimental, or equating, section that does not count toward your SAT score. Thus, you will have a total of ten sections on test day. The first section will always be the 25-minute essay, and the last will always be the 10-minute multiple-choice writing section. The other sections can appear in any order in between. There is absolutely no way to determine which of the test sections is the experimental section, so it is important to do your very best on every part of the test. Most of the questions on the SAT are in a fivechoice multiple-choice format. The exceptions are the essay and the math grid-ins, questions for which you must generate your own answers and enter them in grids on your answer sheet. The ten grid-in questions and the essay are the only questions on the SAT that don’t show you a list of possible answer choices. You will learn about grid-ins in Chapter 4 and about the essay in Chapter 5. The good news is that about 160 questions give you the correct answer. You just have to determine which of the answers is the right one. Chapters 3, 4, and 5 contain lots of strategies for choosing the correct answer from the choices provided by the SAT test-makers.

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From direct link: Free ebook - Acing the SAT 2012

From link : Free ebook - Acing the SAT 2012

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