Ebook: Basic Text for learning and Communicating with English Idioms

1. Introduction:

English Idioms For Everyday Use - The Basic Text for learning and Communicating with English Idioms is divided into 20 units : Idioms from Colors, Idioms from Food, Idioms from Number,Idioms from Parts of the Body, Idioms from People, Idioms from Animals, Idioms from Geography, Idioms from Recreation, Idioms with Words And, Idioms from Household Items and Tools, Idioms from medicine, Idioms from Plants, Idioms from Clothes, Idioms from Time, Idioms from the Weather, Idioms from around the House, Idioms with the word As, Idioms with Repetition,Idioms with Words That Go Together

2. Author: Milada Broukal - National Textbook Company

3. Language: American - English

4. Document Type: .pdf - Page: 133 pages

5. Size: 25.6 Mb


6. Link download : Idioms For Everyday Use - 1st Edition

Note: This ebook is quite Free for everybody. It was collected by many sources from Internet . We are have no responsibility about this sharing.

Thanks !


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