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English in Mind Starter Student's Book

Description:English in Mind Starter Student's Book
Author: Herbert Puchta, Jeff Stranks
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Format: Paperback
ISBN-10: 0521750385
ISBN-13: 9780521750387
Publication Date: 2004

English in Mind is a new four-level course for teenagers. Each level contains 16 units grouped into four modules. Clear learning objectives at the beginning of each module, plus 'Check your Progress' sections at the end, help students and teachers plan learning more effectively. Each level of the course provides 80-90 hours of class work with extra photocopiable activities and tests in the Teacher's Resource Pack. The Workbook comes with a free CD combining interactive CD-ROM and audio material. The course can be used with mixed ability classes and offers dual entry points - Starter level is for complete beginners, level 1 is for elementary students and contains a 16 page starter section to revise key language. Levels 2 and 3 take students from pre-intermediate to intermediate level.
Contents: Map of course; Module 1. Me and Others: Unit 1 I know!; Unit 2 He's Australian, not American; Unit 3 I think they're wonderful!; Unit 4 He lives with his aunt and uncle; Review 1; Project 1: Making a poster presentation Module 2. People and Places: Unit 5 Is there a cafe near here?; Unit 6 They've got similar DNA; Unit 7 This is delicious!; Unit 8 Please don't go!; Review 2; Project 2: Making a tourist brochure; Module 3. Free Time: Unit 9 I sometimes watch soap operas; Unit 10 He can take part; Unit 11 The dolphins are playing; Unit 12 Can I try them on?; Review 3; Project 3: Doing a class survey; Module 4. The Past and the Future: Unit 13 He was only 40; Unit 14 She wanted to be a nurse; Unit 15 He had a really good life; Unit 16 What are we going to do?; Review 4; Project 4: Planning a holiday; Irregular verbs; Phonetic symbols; Wordlist.

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