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Reading Tree Stage 5 - Talking Stories CD-ROM


Roderick Hunt, "Reading Tree Stage 5 - Talking Stories CD-ROM"

Oxford University Press | 2003 | ISBN: 0198410980| EXE | 52 MB

The Reading Tree Talking Stories CD-ROMs work well in encouraging young readers. The added animations and sound effects are very engaging for students. It works well with a projector for whole-class use or with small groups/individuals. Animations and narration are played on demand, so the teacher is in full control.

This CD contains the 6 books from the Stage 5 Stories.

Installation notes (a quick guide for easier use):
The files need to be extracted to a folder.
Run setup.exe before running the program (this does not copy all the files, so you still need to keep the original folder where you extracted the program).
You may need to install the included QuickTime software (see the QuickTime folder).
When running the program, you should choose the settings button on the main screen to make it stretch to full-screen.

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