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The Cambridge Guide to Australian English Usage


The Cambridge Guide to Australian English Usage




The Cambridge Guide to Australian English Usage is an up-to-date, evidence-based account of the variable points in Australian usage and style, in alphabetical format. Its description of Australian English uses a wealth of primary sources (linguistic corpora; the internet; public surveys of usage, conducted through Australian Style) as well as the latest editions of English dictionaries, style manuals and grammars. With all this input the Cambridge Guide to Australian English Usage provides in-depth coverage of the currency of alternative usages in spelling, punctuation and word choice in Australia, while showing the influence of British and American English here as well. This book is designed for everyone who writes and edits documents and non-fiction texts, for print or electronic delivery. Tertiary students and staff will get plenty of help from it, as well as professional editors who work with manuscripts of many different authors and commissions from multiple publishers.



Forward; Preface; Overview of contents and how to access them; A to Z entries; Appendix I. International phonetic alphabet symbols for Australian English sounds; Appendix II. Perpetual calendar 1901–2001; Appendix III. Geological eras; Appendix IV. International system of units (SI Units); Appendix V. Interconversion tables for metric and imperial measures; Appendix VI. Selected proofreading marks; Appendix VII. Formats for letters; Appendix VIII. Layout for envelopes; Appendix IX. Time line for the English language and Australian English; Appendix X. List of references.


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