Ebook: Basic Grammar English For High school 'Students

Ebook: Grammar - Vocbulary and Usage for FCE to Student is part of the popular Test Your series devised by Peter Watcyn-Jones. Specially written for students preparing for cambridge First Certificate, it features 60 enjoyable tests to practise the key grammar areas required in the exam.

Word Power Made Easy B
The book is divided parts, each part is divided into chapters and each chapter is divided into sessions. Now, each chapter begins with a session containing 10 basic words with detailed explanations for easy memorization. After you memorize the 10 words, you proceed to the next sessions of the chapter in which the 10 words are broken down into the root words. Now, from each root word, number of other words which are built on the same root word are explained briefly and clearly. So, this mechanism allows you to memorize more than 100 words from 10 basic words.

Total English- Starter Students' Book
What's special about Total English? *Students can measure their progress using the logically structured lessons with can do' objectives *Students will get lots of grammar and vocabulary practice which is all thoroughly reinforced in the Reference' and Review' sections at the end of each unit *Students can learn good study habits with the Lifelong learning boxes

Total English- Starter Students' Book
A classic developmental skills text for lower-intermediate to intermediate students of English, Fundamentals of English Grammar is a reference grammar as well as a stimulating and teachable classroom text.
While keeping the same basic approach and material as in earlier editions, the Third Edition more fully develops communicative and interactive language-learning activities.

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