Fun with English For Student - Vui hoc tieng Anh- Tieng Anh cho sinh vien - Hoc tieng anh nhanh nhat - hoc tieng Anh hieu qua nhat - dung dung tu tieng Anh - Doi moi cach hoc tieng Anh

Right Word Wrong Word is Reference and practice Book based on common errors in English. It covers items like the following

English Idioms For Everyday Use - The Basic Text for learning and Communicating with English Idioms is divided into 20 units : Idioms from Colors, Idioms from Food, Idioms from Number,Idioms from Parts of the Body, Idioms from People, Idioms from Animals, Idioms from Geography, Idioms from Recreation, Idioms with Words And, Idioms from Household Items and Tools, Idioms from medicine, Idioms from Plants, Idioms from Clothes, Idioms from Time

501 Vocabulary Question - You can use this book to review as often as you like. Review the word list periodically, and give yourself the opportunity to answer each question more than once. Instead of writing in this book, write all of your answers on a separate piece of paper. If you prefer to write in the book, mark your answers lightly in pencil so that you can erase your answers and use the 501 questions for review a few months or years down the road. Congratulations on taking these very important steps toward building a better vocabulary. Enjoy! 501 Vocabulary Questions

A special intensive course of English - Nhung cau thuong dung trong Tieng Anh thế ai đến đây sáng nay đấy? who was it that came here this morning?
thế à? <ngạc nhiên> really?
thế ư? tôi đâu có biết chuyện đó really? i didn't know that
thế ai đến đây sáng nay đấy? who was it that came here this morning?.
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