9 th Grade English Lectures

Unit  1: A visit from a Pen pal  Lesson 3: Read : Malaysia is a country of  ASIAN - * Pre question : - Can you see Malaysia on this map ?
                           - How many parts are there in Malaysia ?
                           - Which country are next to Malaysia ?

Unit  1: A visit from a Pen pal -  Lesson 4: Write a letter to your family- This is the lecture in the series of Power Point  lesson Plans for teacher who is teaching 9 th  English in the Middle School . You can learn this lesson online with English 9  textbook. You can download  it free to own it as material for your teaching.

 English 9 -  Unit  1: A visit from a Pen pal -  Lesson  5: Language Focus - Bai giang dien tu,Tieng anh 9, Unit 1, Lesson 5, tiet 5 - By the end of the lesson students will be able to further practice  - the past simple- The past simple with “ Wish”

English 9, Unit 1 , A visit from a pen pal ,Lesson 2 ,Speak ,Listen, Visiting the USATim Jone’s Mexican pen pal , Carlo is visiting the USA . Tim and Carlo go to the restaurant downtown . They go through the park and take the bus . Now listen to their conversation and order the words or groups of words above according to the content of the conversation .

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