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Lesson 2: What did you do last night?

Communicative English for Beginner: Lesson 2: What did you do last night?

1. Introduction:

In today's lesson , Englishgoonline.com will look at common item which is for each of us, an important part of our daily life and our means of survival. Today we will talk about food. It makes up a large part of our daily routine most people love it while others get too little. it can be both good and bad for you and we need it to survive. Oh yes, without food our lives would be very short indeed.

2. Let's Watch Video: Unit 2:

3. Let's Listen to Dialogue 1


Unit 2: What are you doing?

Girl: - What did you do last night?
Boy:- I played football with my friends
Girl:- Was it fun?
Boy:- It was very fun.
- And what did you do?
Girl:- cooked dinner for my family.
Boy:- What did you cook?
Girl:- I cooked pasta and soup

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4. Let's Learn Grammar Focus in This Lesson : Past Tense "Irregular"

Note: Use the past simple to talk about activities or routines which take place at a specified time in the past. Notice that all subjects take the same conjugation of the verb.
a. Regular verbs end in '-ed'.
play- played
enjoy - enjoyed
b. Irregular verbs have various forms and each verb needs to be learned.
sing - sang Buy - bought
Eat - ate swim - swam
drink - drank sell - sold
- The past simple is used to express a finished past action which occurs at a specific moment in the past.

- I ran home
-You swam at home
- He slept at the hotel
- She drank at the pub
- We ate at the restaurant
-You bought food at the store
- They sang at the church
- Did you swim at the park?

-No, I didn’t. I swam at home
- Did he sleep at the hotel?
-Yes, He did
- Did she drink at the restaurant?
- No, she didn’t. She drank at the pub.
- Did you eat the restaurant?
- Did you buy food at the mall?
- No, we didn’t. We bought food at the store
- Did they sing at the church?
- Yes, they did
- Did he drive home?
- No, he walked.
- Did you eat breakfast?
- Yes, I did

- Where did you swim yesterday?
- I swam at the park
- Where did he sleep?
- He slept at the hotel
- Where did she drink?
- She drank at the pub
- Where did you eat?
- We ate at the restaurant
- Where did you buy food?
- We bought food at the store.
- Where did they sing?
- They sang at the church.
- Where did you go this morning?
- I went to the market
- When did you buy a car?
- I bought a car yesterday.
- When did you sell your car?
- I sold my car last week
- When did they come?
- They came last week
- When did he eat?
- He ate at 1 o’clock
- What did you buy at the market?
- I bought some chicken and vegetables.
- What did they do yesterday?
- They went to the beach.
- What did she study?
- She studied biology
- What did he say?
- He said “no”

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