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Đề thi Tiếng Anh 6 - Học kì II - 2015 - Đề 3 (có đáp án)


Đề thi Tiếng Anh 6 - Học kì II - 2015 - Đề 3

Đề thi Tiếng Anh 6 - Học kì II - 2015 - Đề 3-   

I. Listen and choose the correct answers  (2ms)

1. What does Tan do in his free time?

            A. reads                   B. listens to music          C. watches TV     D. plays soccer          

2. What do Minh and Nam do in their free time?

            A. go fishing           B. play video games       C. read                  D. play badminton

3. What does Lien do in her free time?

            A. goes to the movies                                         B. plays tennis        

            C. reads                                                                D. watches TV

4.What do Lan and Mai do in their free time?

            A. read                                                                   B. watch TV                  

            C. listen to music                                                 D. play video games   

II. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the others: (1m)

5. A. Teacher            B. bread                     C. head                      D. breakfast

6. A. Usually             B. thirsty                     C. fly                           D. hungry              

7. A. Bean                 B. bread                     C. meat                      D. pea

8. A. City                    B. time                        C. fine                        D. Five

III. Choose the best answers. (3ms)

9. What does Lien do when _______warm?

     A. there’s            B. it’s                          C. its                           D. they’re

10. Tan likes _______weather because he can go swimming.

     A. hot                  B. cold                        C. windy                    D. foggy

11. She isn’t heavy.She is ________ .

          A.thin                        B.fat                         C.strong                   D.light

12. It is ______ in the summer.

     A. hot                  B. cold                        C. warm                     D. cool

13. I like hot_______.

     A. season           B. weather                 C. activity                   D. class

14. I often go swimming when it is _______.

    A. cold                 B. hot                          C. hungry                  D. thirsty

15. What _____ your father doing now? He is playing badminton.

    A. is                      B. are                          C. do                           D. does

16. Do _____ like cold weather?

     A. she                 B. he                           C. it                             D. they

17. _______ does your brother go fishing? He goes once a week.

    A. How old          B. How often             C. How                       D. What

18. ________ the weather like in the winter?

    A. How                 B. How often             C. What’s                   D. What

19. He ________ goes fishing in the winter. It’s too cold.

    A. often                B. always                   C. usually                  D. never

20. What about ______ by bike?

    A. travel               B. to travel                 C. traveling              D. travels

IV. Read the passage and complete the sentences (1m)

         Hi ! My name (21)____ Mai. I often (22) _____ bread and eggs or noodles and I often

 (23)_______ a glass of milk for breakfast. For lunch, I usually have rice, fish and vegetables.

Fish is my favorite food. I have dinner (24) _____ 7.00 in the evening.

21. A. am                        B. is                   C. are                         D.’re

22. A have                       B. am                           C. has                        D.eats

23. A. to drink                 B. drinks                      C. drink                      D.drinking

24. A. on                          B. to                             C. in                            D.at

V. Supply the correct form of the verbs in the brackets.(2ms)

25. We (watch) ………….......... TV every evening.

26. She (play) …………............. soccer now.

27. They (go) ……………........ to the zoo tonight.

28. He (read) ……………......... in the livning room  at the moment.

29. He usually (jog) ………….. in the morning.

30. She (do) …………….......... aerobics every day.

31. She (have) ……………....lunch at 11.30 every day.

32. I (do) ……………...........my homework tomorrow.

VI. Find and correct the mistake (1m)  

        33. What is you going to do this summer vacation ?


        34. How often do Lan listen to music ?.


        35. She have long black hair.


        36. He goes  never camping.









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