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Trọn bộ Giáo án tiếng Anh lớp 1 Giáo trình First Friend



Unit 1: Me

Period 1: Lesson 1

I. Objectives

- By the end of the lesson, students will able to identify the course characters.


 Tess, Baz, Adam, Pat, Jig.

III. Method

Teacher-whole class, groups, individuals.

IV. Teaching aids

-         Flashcards of  Tess, Baz, Adam, Pat, Jig.

-         CD track 1,2; CD player

V. Procedure

Teacher’s Activities

Students’ activities

1. Warm up

- Introduce student book and activity book.

- Have students look at picture at page 4.

- Have students discuss about the content of the picture:

+ How many kids are there in the picture?

+ Are they in a family?

+ Where are they?

2. Presentation: Listen and say

- Have students listen to the CD to find out the kids’ names.

- Play the CD while holding Flashcards.

- Have students point to the character in their books

- Have students listen and repeat twice. 

- Have students say the names of the characters in groups and individuals.

3. Practice: Listen And Find

- Say the names in random

- Have students listen and point to characters in their books

- Hold flashcards to support students.

- Have students listen to the tape and find the character by themselves.

4. Consolidation:

- Sumary the lesson


- Listen



 + 3

+ yes

+ at home


- Listen and look 


- Point 

- Listen and repeat 

- Do the task


- Listen and point 

- Look , check and correct

- Listen and find 



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