Những bài nghe Tiếng Anh 8 - English 8

1. Unit 1_LR _Listen and repeat 00:01 


2. Unit 1_Li _Listen  


3. Unit 1_Old Mac Donald _Songs  


4. Unit 1_Re _Read  


5. Unit 2_LR _Listen and repeat  


6. Unit 2_Li _Listen  


7. Unit 2_Re _Read  


8. Unit 2_The Big Ship _Songs  


9. Unit 3_LR _Listen and repeat  


10. Unit 3_Li _Listen  


11. Unit 3_London Bridge _Songs  


12. Unit 3_Re _Read  


13. Unit 4_LR _Listen and repeat  


14. Unit 4_Li _Listen  


15. Unit 4_Oh Susanna _Songs  


16. Unit 4_Re _Read  


17. Unit 5_LR _Listen and repeat  


18. Unit 5_Li _Listen  


19. Unit 5_Proud of you _Songs  


20. Unit 5_Re _Read  


21. Unit 6_If you are happy _Songs  


22. Unit 6_LR _Listen and repeat  


23. Unit 6_Li _Listen  


24. Unit 6_Re _Read  


25. Unit 7_How Much _Songs  


26. Unit 7_LR _Listen and repeat  


27. Unit 7_Li _Listen  


28. Unit 7_Re _Read  


29. Unit 8_LR _Listen and repeat  


30. Unit 8_Li _Listen  


31. Unit 8_Re _Read  


32. Unit 8_Sing A Song
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