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3D Shapes English Vocabulary for Children to learn Math

3D Shapes Vocabulary for Children to learn Math

Children need to understand and use these words if they are to make good progress in understanding shape and space.
The vocabulary for shape and space has been separated into three sections:
-  2D shape
-  3D shape
-  properties of shape
The properties of shape section also draws on vocabulary from the sections on patterns and symmetry and position, direction and movement, where these will  further support children’s understanding.
The words listed for each year include vocabulary from the previous year, with new words for the year printed in red from Year 1 onwards.


Các đường song song

Hình hộp chữ nhật



Hình trụ


Chiều cao


hình chóp



Chiều rộng


Chiều dài



Chiều sâu

A half (1/2)

một nửa

A third (1/3)

một phần ba

A quarter (1/4) một phần tư


toàn bộ



  • a half (1/2)  = một nửa

    a quarter (1/4)  = một phần tư

    a third (1/3) = một phần ba

    whole =  toàn bộ

    apex = Góc

    in a pyramid, the vertex at which all lateral faces meet

    base = Đỉnh

    in a prism, the two congruent, parallel faces at the top and bottom; in a pyramid, the regular polygon that is not a lateral face

    congruent = mặt

    having the same size and shape

    cube = Hình hộp chữ nhật

    a polyhedron with six congruent, square faces

    cylinder = Hình trụ

    a three-dimensional object with circular bases


    a polyhedron with 12 congruent, pentagonal faces


    the segment along which two faces meet

    Euler's Theorem

    for any polyhedron, the sum of the number of vertices and faces is equal to two more than the number of edges; stated another way, F + V - E = 2

    face= Mặt phẳng

    one of the surfaces of a polyhedron

    height = Chiều cao

    the distance from top to bottom of a three-dimensional figure


    a polyhedron with 20 congruent, triangular faces

    lateral face

    in a prism, one of the rectangles that connects the bases to one another; in a pyramid, one of the triangles that connects the base to the apex

    length = Chiều dài

    the longest dimension of a solid figure; for a three-dimensional figure, it is usually the distance from front to back

    width - chiều rộng

    depth = Chiều sâu


    a polyhedron with eight congruent, triangular faces


    a two-dimensional figure formed by connecting three or more straight line segments end to end (triangles, squares, and hexagons are examples of polygons)

    pyramid = hình chóp


    a three-dimensional figure whose faces are polygons


    a three-dimensional figure with two parallel, congruent bases connected by rectangles

    rectangular prism

    a prism whose bases are rectangles; in general, a prism can be described by the shape of its bases

    right prism

    a prism in which the bases meet the lateral faces at right angles


    a polyhedron with four congruent, triangular faces

    truncated icosahedron

    a polyhedron with 32 faces, 12 of which are pentagons and 20 of which are hexagons

    vertex vertices[plural]

    the point at which three or more faces meet

    width = Chiều dài

    distance from side to side

  • Please, Help your children click on the different pictures and read aloud them.